Mount Kinabalu National Park

Mount Kinabalu is an amazing sight jutting out of the landscape reaching to 4095 meters, but below this impressive mountain is a beautiful national park which attracts many people for its unique flora and fauna.  It is a popular area especially for birding and while there I managed to see some of the more impressive birds such as Whitheads Trogon and Whiteheads Spiderhunter both of which are endemic to Borneo and more specifically the montane regions including Mount Kinabalu national park.

Here are some photos taken around Kinabalu National Park in Sabah. I have been falling behind in posting images due to being busy taking more and dealing with poor internet connections but will hopefully try to get some up over the next couple of days. 

Whitehead's Trogon found in Kinabalu National Park.

Chesnut-Crested Yuhina, another montane endemic to Borneo.

White-Throated Fantail.

Fantail with Moth.

Hair-Crested Drongo.

Ashy Drongo.

The Fantail and the Drongos were common visitors to the deck of Kinabaulu Mountain Lodge where I was staying, snatching up the countless moths which are attracted to the lights at night and cover the windows in the morning.

Bornean Treepies in Kinabalu National Park, another endemic bird common at the park.

Black-Capped White-Eye.

Chesnut-Hooded Laughing-Thrush, another endemic bird of Borneo.